Cinema: Something for the Boys

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On her present, relatively small salary of $750 a week, Marilyn can afford a comfortable Bel Air hotel suite. She likes to doze before an open fire while listening to classical recordings. When she's alone, she often strikes art poses before a full-length mirror, admiring the beautifully distributed 118 Ibs. that millions of moviegoers admire. In bed, she claims, she wears "only Chanel No. 5," and she avoids excessive sun bathing because "I like to feel blonde all over." Marilyn dislikes being interviewed by women reporters, but with gentlemen of the press it is different. Says she: "We have a mutual appreciation of being male and female."

In one scene of Monkey Business, a new Howard Hawks comedy with Gary Grant and Marilyn Monroe. Actor Charles Coburn tries, unsuccessfully, to explain the intricacies of typing to Marilyn, who plays his secretary. Coburn finally watches her make her hip-swinging exit, then shrugs and says to Grant: "Anyone can type." Apparently Marilyn's avid, growing following feels strongly that anyone can act.

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