Cinema: The New Pictures, Jun. 16, 1947

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Moth-eaten and glib as ever, Groucho lands his girl friend (Carmen Miranda) two jobs at once in different rooms of a nightclub. Downstairs, she is her fruit-bearing, clattering Brazilian self. Upstairs, in a blonde wig, she is a Frenchy load of froufrou. The trouble is that she will be fired if her boss learns that she is playing a double role on his payroll.

Suitors and policemen help to complicate matters and Andy Russell bursts into song at the slightest provocation. On one occasion Groucho climbs into his old regalia, complete with the tired buzzard's walk, and sings too. Groucho's best scene: half-starved, he wangles food for himself and Carmen, while confronting the indignant trained seal whose supper he has pinched.

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