People: The Brimming Cup

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Winston Churchill, with a sportsman's gesture, kicked in $100 for the defense of an old enemy: German Field Marshal Fritz Erich von Mannstein. The money, along with other contributions, will be used to hire a British lawyer for Mannstein at his war crimes trial Aug. 9. Meanwhile, Churchill spent a few quiet days entertaining Bernard Baruch, an old crony and his recent host in the U.S.

Greta Garbo, off to Europe where she will seriously consider making her first movie in eight years (Balzac's La Duchesse de Langeais), made a standard Garbo exit. Dressed in black and hidden under a large mushroom-shaped hat, she slipped aboard the Queen Elizabeth, ahead of the crowds, eluded reporters by having the stewardess tell them that Miss Garbo had not yet come aboard.

After stalling for a month, Sir Stafford Cripps gave in to his doctors' orders, left for a Zurich clinic to take a six-week treatment for an old ailment (colitis).

Army Chief of Staff General Omar N. Bradley, attending top-level military conferences in White Sulphur Springs, took time out for golf with two other big guns: Under Secretary of Defense Stephen T. Early and Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt S. Vandenberg.

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