Indiana: Open House in Terre Haute

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A Mayor Unmoved. While the mayor and police chief championed the status quo, Vigo County Sheriff Clyde Lovellette acted like an old-fashioned lawman. Sending ahead deputies to "collect evidence," the new seven-foot sheriff raided three Tenderloin houses and arrested nine women. All pleaded guilty and were each sentenced to 15 days in jail. Spurred by the raid and a petition signed by 400 citizens, the city council unanimously urged police to "sincerely attempt" to eliminate vice.

Larrison, who suspects that Fellow Republican Lovellette plans to run against him in 1971, was unmoved. He said that the resolution is not binding and has "no teeth." As for the councilmen, Larrison—who favors legalized prostitution—added, "A lot of them voted yes because they lacked the courage to stand up and show their convictions."

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