Organizations: Bedeviled Birchers

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Unlucky Banner. "We need only a few hundred thousand dedicated mem bers," Welch said recently, "to make the truth prevail." Last year he proclaimed a major program to raise $1,000,000 a month and to have operating 50 chapters in each of 325 congressional districts—or about 325,000 members—"to make the truth prevail" in this year's elections. Both drives have fizzled. Even worse, candidates 'who have openly declared their allegiance to the society have largely been spurned by the Republicans and denounced by the Democrats. Those who carried the Birch banner into primary elections this summer in Michigan, Ohio and South Dakota all lost.

*Only three months after John Kennedy's assassination, Oliver wrote that the President was killed by Communists, perhaps because he had decided "to turn American." Although the society maintains that it does not oppose racial equality, Oliver argues that the races are inherently unequal.

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