Milestones, Jun. 20, 1960

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Married. Eartha Kitt, 30, Negro songstress who sounds as though she means it when she sings I Wanna Be Evil; and William McDonald, 30, a white real-estate dealer; in Hollywood.

Married. Anna Maria Mussolini. 30, the late Duce's fifth and youngest child, a $192-per-month pensioner who has been partially crippled from polio since childhood; and Giuseppe Negri, 24, nightclub M.C.; in Ravenna, Italy.

Married. Yaltah Menuhin, 38, piano-playing sister of Violinist Yehudi Menuhin and Pianist Hephzibah Menuhin; and Joel Ryce, 27, also a concert pianist; she for the third time, he for the first; in Sterling, Ill.

Death Revealed. Walter Linse, 50, West Berlin lawyer and official of the Investigating Committee of Free Jurists, private intelligence organization, who was kidnaped by East German agents in 1952; of an unexplained cause; in a Soviet prison on Dec. 15, 1953.

Died. Dr. Miron Semenovich Vovsi, 62, one of 15 Russian-Jewish physicians charged in 1953 with the "doctors' plot" against Soviet leaders, who was cleared after Stalin's death and rehabilitated in 1957 when he received the Order of Lenin; of a heart attack; in Moscow.

Died. Robert Whitehead, 62, for 18 years a member of Virginia's House of Delegates and an articulate liberal critic of the conservative Byrd organization, who stayed out of the 1957 Democratic gubernatorial race in order to avoid a bitter party split that threatened the eventual election of a Republican; of a heart attack; in Lovingston, Va.

Died. Tommy Touhy, 67, Capone era Chicago gangster who once boasted that his more notorious brother, Roger, "got the blame for a lot of things I did"; of cancer; in Chicago.

Died. Joshua Ringle, 69, roofing contractor for Manhattan's Hayden Planetarium, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Grand Central Terminal, and a New Jersey Republican leader who in 1953—after three losing campaigns against the Democratic Hague machine—became one of the first members of his party to be elected to the Jersey City Commission; after a long illness; in Jersey City.

Died. Ernest Leonard Blumenschein, 86, magazine illustrator turned portraitist and Southwest landscape painter, who in 1898—when his wagon broke down while he was on his way to Mexico on a sketching trip—stayed on in Taos, N.M., founded an artists' colony that attracted Max Weber, John Marin. D. H. Lawrence, Willa Gather and Mabel Dodge Luhan; of bronchial pneumonia; in Albuquerque.