Milestones, Mar. 26, 1956

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Married. Niven Busch, 52, novelist (Duel in the Sun) and screenwriter (In Old Chicago, The Westerner); and Carmencita Baker, 28, West Coast socialite; he for the fourth time (his third: Cinemactress Teresa Wright), she for the first; in San Francisco.

Divorced. By Sir Pratapsinghrao, 47, one of the world's richest men (estimated yearly income: $8,000,000), who, as India's Gaekwar ("Keeper of the Cattle") of Baroda (1939-51), ruled a princedom of 8,000 sq. mi. with some 3,000,000 subjects: his second maharani, cigar-smoking Sita Devi, 41; after 13 years of marriage, one child (Prince Sayajirao); in Bombay.

Died. Lieut, (j.g.) David Greig ("Skippy") Browning Jr., 24, star of the 1952 Olympics as the U.S.'s dazzling three-meter diving champion, national collegiate one-and three-meter diving champ (1951-52); in the crash of a North American FJ-3 Fury jet fighter while on a training flight; near Rantoul, Kans.

Died. Prince Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg, 56, pioneer Fascist, Vice Chancellor of Austria in the pre-World War II Dollfuss and Schuschnigg dictatorships, which he helped set up, organizer of the green-shirted Heimwehr, which wiped out Austria's one solid block of resistance against Naziism in a raid on the Socialist Party in Vienna in 1934; of a heart attack; in Schruns, Austria. Scion of an ancient Austrian family, Von Starhemberg backed the wrong Fascist, worked with Mussolini against the Anschluss, fled when Hitler took over in 1938, saw his 13 castles, hundreds of dwellings, mines, vineyards, 21,000 acres of land confiscated by the Nazis. He popped up in the Free French forces in 1940, spent most of the war in South America with his family. In 1953 charges of high treason against him were dropped by Austrian courts, and his castles and estates were returned to him by sentimental countrymen.

Died. Irene Joliot-Curie, 58, famed fellow-traveling French physicist, elder daughter of the late great discoverers of radium, Marie and Pierre Curie, winner (with her husband, Jean Frederic Joliot-Curie) of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1935) for their discovery of artificial radioactivity; of leukemia, from handling radioactive materials; in the Curie Hospital, Paris.

Died. Louis Bromfield, 59, famed, Ohio-born Pulitzer-prizewinning novelist (for Early Autumn in 1926), jack-of-all-literary-trades, and politically conservative agrarian reformer (Malabar Farm); of complications following a jaundice virus infection; in Columbus, Ohio.

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