The Press: Delaplane's Dew

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" 'Tis the Sad Truth." This fall the flabbergasted Irish whisky industry begins a campaign to put Irish coffee on the menus of bars and restaurants all over the U.S. But the men who introduced the drink to America, Bartender Joe Sheridan and Columnist Stan Delaplane, will not be part of the campaign. Joe Sheridan, who left Ireland and drifted to Canada, Hawaii and finally, by sheer coincidence, to San Francisco, cannot stand to even look at the drink any more. Instead of taking a place of honor he has been offered behind the bar at the Buena Vista, he works as a cook in Tiny's Waffle Shop, an all-night restaurant near San Francisco's Union Square. "Whisky and me, 'tis the sad truth," he says, "do not get along, whether it be in coffee or not."

As for Stan Delaplane, he avoids Irish whisky even straight (as it should be drunk), and will have no truck with Irish coffee. Says he: "I can't stand the stuff any more."

*Recipe: preheat a six-ounce glass with very hot water. Empty and refill the glass three-fourths full of hot, black, strong coffee. Add three cubes of sugar and stir until dissolved. Add a full jigger of Irish whisky and float whipped cream on top.

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