International: Against Indignity

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Steeped in her brother's—and most of India's—resentment and distrust of the West which produced imperialism, she shared also India's contradictory sternness toward Communism at home and softness toward its careening rise in neighboring China. But a trip to Red China jolted her last year; she privately confessed herself shaken by the slave labor system, cultural regimentation, denial of civil liberties and the Reds' program to make children inform on their parents. Now regarded as more clear-eyed about Red China than her brother (see NATIONAL AFFAIRS) and many of the advisers who share his confidence, 53-year-old Madame Pandit last week formally assumed a personal neutrality when she accepted the presidency, as is the U.N. custom. "My purpose," said she, "is to find ways and means to make the U.N. successful."

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