People, Aug. 24, 1953

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British-born Cinemactress Deborah Kerr, who sluffed off the prim & proper style that Hollywood thrust on her to play a sweater girl in From Here to Eternity, arrived in Manhattan (to rehearse for her first play in the U.S.) with a vision of the future. "I'd like to do as much as possible while my face and figure hold up," she mused. "Then I'd like to buy a place outside Florence where I'll paint. Then one day some people will come by, and one will say, 'Do you see that elderly lady with the floppy hat? She used to be a good-looking movie star.' And the friend probably will say, 'What are movies?' "

In Apple Valley, Calif., a $16,000 "Appreciation House" was put up in 45 hours by volunteer workers, equipped and furnished by volunteer merchants, and turned over to Jet Ace Captain Joseph C. McConnell, his wife and three children as a neighborly thank-you for his 106 Korean war missions and 16 MIG kills.

Vienna-born Movie Producer Otto (The Moon Is Blue) Preminger was asked to come to Manhattan to straighten out a little matter with his exwife, Marion Mill Preminger. She wants $48,800, which she claims is due her under their 1949 separation and alimony agreements. While she endures a "virtual hand-to-mouth existence," he lives high off the hog, she charged. "It is no secret that [he and his second wife] enjoy an outstanding reputation for lavishness in entertainment . . ."

For speaking well of the Red Astrachan in an editorial on "The August Apple," the New York Herald Tribune got a folksy letter from a satisfied reader: Apple Fancier Mildred Austin, wife of onetime Vermont Senator and U.N. Delegate Warren R. Austin. "After an absence of approximately twenty-two years ..." she chatted, "we are living permanently in our Burlington, Vt. home, where my husband is able to devote much of his time to his beloved orchard, renewing daily his devotion to the United Nations in his international orchard . . . During the month of August the aroma of a deep apple pie, or a dish of warm apple sauce, made from freshly hand-picked Red Astrachans . . . is seldom out of our kitchen, adding just one more joy to life in the country—especially Vermont."

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