People, Jan. 5, 1953

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Names make news. Last week these names made this news:

A chance remark in Manhattan started a sort of international incident. A group of New York Italo-Americans presented a sample of their pizza to President-elect Dwight Eisenhower, who tasted it and declared it better than the one he had eaten in Naples in 1943. That snorted the Neapolitan bakers when they heard his statement must have been "war pizza" made with abbreviated ingredients. Last week Admiral Robert Bostwick Carney threw the weight of his Allied Forces, Southern Europe behind the Neapolitans. Eleven teams of "Mick" Carney's officers visited eleven Naples restaurants, while Carney himself, with the top brass of six nations, sat down to an array of pizza at the Hotel Excelsior. After the evidence was finally tucked away and evaluated, Carney gave his decision to Italian radio listeners: "I am a partisan of the Neapolitan pizza . . . but this discrepancy of point of view with Ike will not put any dent into the Atlantic defense line of Southern Europe."

Miners' Boss John L. Lewis found himself in the unusual position of having to congratulate an operator: his younger brother, Howard Lewis, 60, was named vice president of the Old Ben Coal Corp. of West Frankfort, 111.

Like many another girl anxious to make good in Hollywood, Oscar-winning Cinemactress Anne Baxter has given up things to get ahead. She sacrificed her chestnut hair to become a striking martini blonde; she swallowed her pride and smoked cigars at the suggestion of her publicity man; she betrayed a family secret by feeding a columnist the story that her grandfather, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, wore only a bright red sash on his wedding night. Last week, after six years of marriage, she filed for a divorce from Actor John Hodiak. Grounds: incompatibility.

His office in Springfield, Ill. announced that Adlai Stevenson, "for his own enlightenment," will make an early-spring trip to India, Japan "and probably Korea, since he'll be that close." The visit will be made "as a private citizen." The Navy posted its list of reserve lieutenant commanders who are eligible for promotion. Among those who may get to add the new half-stripe: Veep-elect Richard Nixon, Columnist Walter Winchell, former Tennis Champ Helen Jacobs, and Pennsylvania's Congressman James G. Fulton.

For the first time since he was elevated nearly 14 years ago, Pope Pius XII left his Vatican palace to attend a concert half a mile away. The event: an oratorio and other sacred works composed and conducted by Lorenzo Perosi, director of the Pope's music, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

In Paris, General Matthew B. Ridgway announced that Air Force Brigadier General William Preston Nuckols, 47, briefing officer in Korea for a year of the Panmunjom truce talks, would be the new NATO Public Information Officer.

At home in Washington, General Peyton C. March, World War I Army Chief of Staff and the only surviving four-star officer of that war, celebrated a quiet 88th birthday. Said he: "I'm not seeing anyone, and I'm issuing no statement.

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