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The Russians insist that they sent no arms to their North Korean friends after the Red Army pulled out of Korea in 1948. Last week, General Douglas MacArthur formally reported to the U.N. Security Council that ten different types of Soviet war materiel, plainly stamped 1949 or 1950, have been seized by U.N. troops in Korea.

The report, read to the Security Council by U.S. Delegate Warren Austin, specified among other items, "a 7.62-mm. PPSH submachine gun . . ." As he came to this passage in the report, Austin reached behind his chair and dramatically produced a Russian-made gun, labeled 1950 (see cut). Russian Delegate Jacob Malik got up and walked out of the Council Chamber. Later he furiously denounced MacArthur as a "fascist" and Warren Austin's gesture as a provocation designed for simpletons.

Lawyer Austin had scored a telling point with Exhibit A.