People, Sep. 28, 1959

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A tourist got off a plane in Port-au-Prince, told immigration officials he was Miles Gaham, 35, a dentist from Omaha. The Haitians looked right past his white cap, tight woolen shirt, dark glasses and absurd phony mustache, said: "Welcome, Marlon Brando." The actor had brought along a pretty Eurasian girl, who said her name was Timy Van Nga; occupation: student. In a U-drive-it Volkswagen, the two demonstrated the close relationship between love and Haiti, thrill-riding the island's mountain curves, dancing to voodoo drums at the nightclub Bacoulou. By week's end, when the lady and Brando had been off together for six days, U.S. gossip mills still knew nothing about it. But an understudy was filling the star role in Broadway's The World of Suzie Wong, and the show's agent said that lush, Sino-French France Nuyen was vacationing "on the coast."

Konrad Adenauer caught his toe in a rabbit hole, banged his knee, limped home to Germany from a vacation in Italy, and appeared before a meeting of the Christian Democrat parliamentary group leaning on a cane. "Gentlemen," said the bunny-bugged Chancellor, "I did not fall on my head. Remember this in case you hear something else."

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer signed a new film star: Light Heavyweight Champion Archie Moore, whose craft in the ring has kept him on top of the fight game for years, whose craft on a raft got him successfully through a screen test for the role of Jim, the runaway slave, in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Since the death of Auto Racer Mike Hawthorn in an ordinary accident on an ordinary road last winter, Britain's fastest, most expert drivers have pretty much throttled down out on the highway, with one exception: Countess Attlee, 63, wife of and longtime driver for former Prime Minister Clement Attlee. Last week Lady Attlee, whose cool daring behind the wheel gave newsmen a run for their copy during election campaigns, had a bit of bad luck, cracked a collarbone in a collision at a North London crossroads known as "Danger Junction." It was her fifth crash in four years.

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