THE NETHERLANDS: The Queen & the Saucers

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Impassive? Interested? On the appointed day last week, a royal limousine called for Adamski and whisked him to the palace. For the benefit of the Queen, he repeated some of his adventures, told of a California girl he knew who eloped with a Venusian and was never seen again. Each distinguished gentleman present had his own version of the visitor's reception. "The man's a pathological case," said the Air Force Chief of Staff, Lieut. General Heye Schaper. Said President Cornelis Kolff of the Dutch Aeronautical Association: "The Queen showed an extraordinary interest in the whole subject." "The Queen," said Professor Maarten Rooy of the University of Amsterdam, "sat impassive—a hostess who does not want to offend a guest."

But all the Queen's men could not make the audience seem any the more palatable. "A shame for our country," cried Amsterdam's Het Vrije Volk.

In London, Buckingham Palace moved with the speed of light to scotch rumors that the Duke of Edinburgh might invite Adamski around to see his Queen: "The royal family has decided that it cannot entertain Mr. Adamski or his ideas in any way."

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