ARMY & NAVY: City of Sudden Death

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Other supplies are moved by rail, operated by the 708th Railway Grand Division, whose headquarters were recently in Liége. That city, too, has been violently V-bombed. It was in Liége that a V-bomb landed in a field tent-hospital.

A.S.F. had made its answer to the Germans' stubborn threat: two weeks after Antwerp had been opened to shipping, thousands of tons a day were passing through the port.

The stream which has never stopped is still flowing. Antwerp's cracked walls, outlying villages' narrow streets, dark Belgian farms echo back the never-ending rumble of trucks. The land shakes under the weight of the caravans. Men drive as though the devil is after them. From the skies the V-bombs still hurtle into the city of sudden death—but below, the Army's supplies still roll.

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