Milestones, Mar. 16, 1942

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Married. Flor de Oro Trujillo, daughter of General Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, onetime Boss-President of the Dominican Republic; and Dr. Maurice Marshall Berck, Manhattan surgeon; in Manhattan.

Killed in Action. James Dinsmore Tew Jr., 28, son of the retired president of B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co.; over Malta with the R.A.F.

Died. Prince Amedeo di Savoia, Duke of Aosta, 43, ex-Governor General of Italian East Africa and Viceroy of Ethiopia; of tuberculosis; in Kenya Colony, East Africa. Mussolini's most ardent supporter in the House of Savoy, the tall, slim "Fascist Duke" was believed by many to have been given his African job as grooming for the Italian throne. But in Ethiopia he lost all but 17,000 of his 100,000 troops, surrendered to the British in May 1941.

Died. Mary MacSwiney, Irish Sinn Feinnef, sister of Terence MacSwiney, onetime mayor of Cork; after long illness; in Cork. A would-be Irish Joan of Arc, she lived through many a hunger strike, unlike her brother, who died of his in 1920. To the bitter end she spurned Eamon de Valera and his compromise Free State.

Died. Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovitch, 50, cousin of the late Tsar Nicholas II of Russia; of tuberculosis; in Davos, Switzerland. Handsome Dmitri in 1916 helped Prince Felix Youssoupov with the patriotic liquidation (poison, many shots) of "Mad Monk" Rasputin, close adviser of the Tsarina. After the revolution, Dmitri was in line for pretendership to the throne, refused it in favor of his cousin Cyril Vladimirovitch. In 1926 he married American Heiress Audrey Emery (40 millions), was divorced in 1937. Dmitri was a brother of Grand Duchess Marie (Education of a Princess), half-brother of Princess Natalie Paley (Mrs. John C. Wilson).

Died. Tom Mooney, 59; after his fourth abdominal operation; in San Francisco (see p. 16).

Died. Tony (Anthony Frederick) Sarg. 59, marionette maker, book illustrator; of peritonitis, caused by a ruptured appendix; in Manhattan. Born of a German father and British mother in Guatemala, he was educated in Germany, came to the U.S. in 1915. In pre-Disney days he designed popular marionette shows and picture books, pioneered in animated cartoons, but his most popular creations were his balloons for R. H. Macy's annual Manhattan Thanksgiving Parade.

Died. Mackie Paschall Davis, 64, wife of Red Cross Chairman Norman H. Davis; after long illness; in Alexandria, Va. Mother of eight, grandmother of 21, she had accompanied onetime Diplomat Davis on all his many missions.