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On his 64th birthday last week, Harry Truman's weight was a perfect 174, his blood pressure normal, his metabolism good. His hair was greying, his face showed the years; but his physician, Brigadier General Wallace Graham, pronounced him as fit as ever.

In his office at the usual 8:20 a.m., the President was given a fat manila folder full of birthday greetings from around the world, with a hefty sheaf from Kansas City and Missouri. On his desk was a white-iced angel-food cake. Among his birthday presents: 64 red roses, a new gold World War I service button, a fancy rifle, a miniature bronze horse from a nine-year-old in Douglas, Wyo. who shares his birthday.

On Sunday, the President observed Mother's Day by sending a basket of red roses and snapdragons from the White House gardens to Washington's First Baptist Church, where they were placed on the pulpit in memory of his mother, Mrs. Martha Truman, who died last year.