THE NETHERLANDS: Plans for the Hour

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Without ceremony or circumstance, 63-year-old Queen Wilhelmina marked the 45th anniversary of her coronation. In London the Queen spent a Hausfrau's day at home with her son-in-law, Prince Consort Bernhard, took routine spins on her bicycle.

At night, over BBC's Radio Orange, she spoke to her anti-Nazi burghers across the Channel, told them that The Netherlands Government in Exile has made full arrangements for the "hour of liberation." The arrangements: "A considerable number of our compatriots have been trained for the application of a state of siege. Under the leadership of a soldier, they will be charged with the exercise of military authority which will be present at the hour of liberation, provided with orders for the cleansing and the revival of civil authority. This arrangement will function immediately with your participation and will provide for the removal of all undesirable elements, who must be isolated immediately so that the speedy but just trial of criminals can be proceeded with."