Milestones, Apr. 20, 1942

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Born. Douglas MacArthur Brotherson, Douglas MacArthur Bryant, Douglas MacArthur Francis, Douglas MacArthur Miller, Douglas MacArthur Gunner, Douglas MacArthur Salavec, Douglas MacArthur Thompson, and Douglas Harold MacArthur ; all in New York City.

Engaged. The Right Rev. Archibald Lang Fleming, the Anglican Church's "Flying Bishop" of the Arctic; and Elizabeth Nelson Lukens, associate headmistress of The Agnes Irwin School near Philadelphia; in Philadelphia. "Archibald the Arctic" (his signature) makes biennial flights to visit his scattered Eskimo flock.

Married. Adeline Kim Moran, ex-wife of wealthy Oilman James A. Moffett; and William Arnold, vice chairman of the Democratic National Finance Committee; she for the fourth time; in Greenwich, Conn.

Sued for Divorce. Swingster Gene Krupa; by Ethel May Krupa, who charged that he beat her up; in Miami.

Sued for Divorce. Lady Decies, 70, the former Elizabeth Drexel; by 75-year-old John Graham Hope de la Poer Beresford, Baron Decies, her third husband; in London. Grounds: desertion.

Killed in Action. Sir Robert Peel, 20, only son of Lady Peel (Comedienne Beatrice Lillie) and the late Sir Robert Peel; with the Royal Navy; somewhere in the Far East. His mother got the news backstage, carried on with her revue performance.

Died. James Francis ("J. Frank") Davis, 71, author of Broadway's longest failure, The Ladder (1926-28); in San Antonio. The play's backer, a millionaire oilman, spent $1,500,000 keeping the play running, because he thought it had a great message. Once it played to an audience of three.

Died. Raymond Dodge, 71, professor emeritus of psychology at Yale; in Tryon, N.C. His discovery that the human eye progressed on the printed page not smoothly but in a series of jumps and pauses caused a revision of standard methods of teaching reading in elementary schools. He was one of the three original directors of Yale's famed Institute of Human Relations.

Laid. Two penguin eggs; by a penguin eggless for years & years; at the Bronx Zoo. Hatching time: "We figure it about May 15."