Education: Kudos Jun. 19, 1933

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New York's Governor Lehman with four honorary degrees, was kudos champion of 1933. President Roosevelt, Secretary of the Interior Ickes, Professor Edwin Walter Kemmerer, Roscoe Pound, Sir Josiah Stamp and Board Chairman Arthur Vining Davis of Aluminum Co. of America took their second degrees of the year last week. Republicans of note to get kudos were Ogden Livingston Mills and Arthur Atwood Ballantine who is still Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

Kudos of the week:

Alfred University (Alfred, N. Y.) Governor Lehman LL.D.

Berry College (Mount Berry, Ga.) Mrs. John Henry (Emily V.) Hammond, Berry benefactress, sponsor of "Berry Pilgrimages" (TIME, May 8).Litt.D.

Boston University Composer Frederick Shepherd Converse, dean of faculty at New England Conservatory of Music Mus.D.

President Willis Jefferson King of Gammon Theological Seminary (Atlanta, Ga.) D.D.

President Handel Lee of Nanking Theological Seminary D.D.

Dean Roscoe Pound of Harvard Law School L.H.D.

Catholic University of America (Washington, D. C.) President Roosevelt . . . .LL.D.

College of St. Thomas (St. Paul, Minn.) Rev. Philip Gordon, only U. S. Indian priest . . . LL.D.

Fordham University (New York City)

Frank Pierrepont Graves, New York State Commissioner of Education. . . .LL.D. President Arthur J. Scanlon of St. Joseph's Seminary (Yonkers, N. Y.). . LL.D. Author William Thomas Walsh (Isabella of Spain) Litt.D.

Georgetown University (Washington, D. C.)

Director General Leo Stanton Rowe of the Pan American Union LL.D.

Hamilton College (Clinton, N. Y.) Arthur Atwood Ballantine LL.D. Frederick Morgan Davenport, onetime New York Representative LL.D.

Author Lloyd Paul Stryker (Andrew Johnson— A Study in Courage) .... L.H.D.

Amos Niven Wilder, poet, brother of Novelist Thornton Niven Wilder D.D.

Lake Forest College (Lake Forest, Ill.)

Secretary Ickes . . .LL.D.

Lehigh University (Bethlehem, Pa.) Historian James Truslow Adams (Epic of America) . . .L.H.D.

Vice President David Garrett Kerr of U. S. Steel Corp . . . D.E.

President Frank Anderson Merrick of Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co . . . D.E. Episcopal Bishop Frank William Sterret of Bethlehem LL.D.

Loyola University (New Orleans)

Meigs O. Frost, newsman (New Orleans States) Litt.D.

Middlebury College (Middlebury, Vt.) Dr. John Huston Finley of the New York Times LL.D.

Dean Everett Victor Meeks of the Yale University School of Fine Arts Litt.D.

Dr. John Martin Wheeler, Manhattan eye specialist who operated on King Prajadhipok of Siam Sc.D.

Poet Margaret Widdemer (Old Road to Paradise, All the King's Horses) M.A.

Our Lady of the Elms College (Chicopee, Mass.)

Mrs. Alfred Emanuel Smith. Via Veritas Medal

Rose Polytechnic Institute (Terre Haute, Ind.)

President William S. Menden of Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Co. D.E.

President Alonzo J. Hammond of the American Society of Civil Engineers. .D.E.

George Rockwell Putnam, U. S. Commissioner of Lighthouses D.E.

President Louis Bertram Hopkins of

Wabash College Sc.D.

Harry A. Schwartz, research director for National Malleable & Steel Castings Co. Sc.D.

Rutgers University (New Brunswick, N.J.)

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