Miscellany: Farm

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In Manhattan, Mrs. Joe Benedetto was not sorry to learn that the city block at 213th St. and Broadway which she leases and runs as a truck farm with her husband and nine children will be sold, thereby putting an end to the last farm on the island. Said she: "Things have not been very good for the farmer this year."


In Salinas, Calif., Alta Fickle, 20, obsessed with the idea that her right arm would kill someone, lay down on a railroad track, waited until a train came by and amputated the arm. Said she: "I am happy now."


At Philadelphia, Bobby Rogers, alligator wrestler, tussled with a 300-lb. 'gator before a crowd of spectators. The 'gator rolled over, chewed off Rogers' arm.


In Manhattan, Emil Sternart, just returned from the country, was painfully stung by a bee while riding in the subway.


In La Fayette Township, N. J., a pack of wild dogs attacked John Struble, 75, painfully nipped him 50 times about the face, ears, hands, legs, causing him to be taken to a hospital.


In Valparaiso, Ind., Donald Ditsler, 12, raced down the home stretch, his mount leading the field at the Porter County fair mule race. Suddenly the mule leaped into the air, looped, fell, rolled over, expired. Cause: the mule had trod on a ground wire connected with a railway switch. Donald Ditsler, insulated from shock by the saddle, survived.


In Bretton Woods, N. H., Miss Marjorie McManamy lost control of her car when a squirrel jumped into her lap. The car was wrecked, Miss McManamy suffered facial abrasions.


At Benton Harbor, Mich., J. E. Ricker Jr. lost control of his car when the family cat jumped into his lap. He was injured, his mother was killed.


At Blackpool, England, mourners at the obsequies of Sir John Bickerstaffe noticed on his funeral wreath the following message, delivered to Sir John every night by his chauffeur: "The fire's dying out; the water is nice and hot; the windows and doors are bolted; the mouse traps are set and there are no mice; good-night Sir John."