FRANCE: Infibulation

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Because some amorous Frenchman was also a tattletale, Henri Littière, baker & husband, was last week haled before a black-gowned judge of the Paris Correctional Court. A student of medieval life, Baker Littière had locked his frisky wife into a belt of steel and velvet modelled on those known to all U. S. tourists in the Musée de Cluny.* Strangely, Mme Littière went to court to plead in her husband's behalf, extenuate his infibulation.

"M. le Juge," she begged, "Henri may perhaps be a bit crazy, but I am too! I cannot look at a man without running after him."

Unmoved, the judge sentenced Medievalist Henri to three months in jail, fined him 500 francs for cruelty.

*Two months ago The League of Awakened Magyars, Hungary's maddest reactionaries, came out for chastity belts for all unmarried Hungarian girls as Point 16 of their national program (TIME, Dec. 4).