THE NETHERLANDS: The Woman Who Wanted a Smile

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Next week, when she has taken her walk to the Nieuwe Kerk, Juliana will be inaugurated (she will not be crowned, because the truculently democratic Dutch do not like their monarchs actually to wear the crown, which is considered the property of the state, not of the monarch). Juliana will swear to "protect the general and individual freedom . . . the general and individual prosperity ... as it is the duty of a good Queen to do." Then the chairman of the Joint Session of the States-General will, on behalf of the sovereign people, pronounce the proud and wary formula: "By virtue of the Constitution, we accept you ... as Queen."

The crowds will bark out a good loud "Hiep, hiep, hiep, hoera!" The woman who asked people to smile at her children will be Queen of The Netherlands.

* For news of last week's doings in the Nieuwe Kerk, see RELIGION. * Vereeniging van Vrouwelijke Studenten (Society of Women Students), Leiden.

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