People: People, Feb. 15, 1943

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Off to Applegate, Calif, and high school went Plaintiff Peggy Larue Satterlee. "I think it's horrible," she said. "I knew those women on the jury would acquit him. They sat there and looked at him adoringly just like he was their son or something. . . . Here I am just two days less than 17 years old and I feel like a broken old woman."

Co-plaintiff Betty Hansen, in the custody of juvenile authorities, said nothing. Said Mother Anna Hansen in Lincoln, Neb,, awaiting her daughter's return: "Oh, well, nobody got hurt."

Veteran Cinejuvenile Mickey Rooney, 22, and Wife Ava, 19, separated for the second time in 13 months of marriage.

Lana Turner, disguised in a low-pulled hat, dark glasses, a fur coat and a cold-reddened nose, went to court and won an annulment from Stephen Crane, her second husband. Her charge: he failed to let her know that his divorce had not become final when he married her last July. The cinemactress expects a child next summer.

Dorothy Lamour won an engraved silver police whistle and a new title: The Girl Most Likely To Be Whistled At In 1943. Donor of whistle and title: The Southern California Chapter of the Whistling Teachers Institute of America.

Long Distance

Rosamond Mowrer, wife of famed Foreign Correspondent Richard Mowrer of the Chicago Daily News, sat down in Washington to put through a telephone call to her husband in Cairo. After an hour and a half's wait full of eardrum uproar, she heard from the international operator:

"Are you Mrs. Rosamond Mowrer, and do you want to talk to your husband Mr. Richard Mowrer, war correspondent in Cairo?"


"All right, it will cost you $30 the first three minutes, plus Federal tax—and the service has been suspended."

* Miss Francis had already returned to the U.S. Miss Raye was reported on her way.

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