THE NETHERLANDS: Dutchmen Don't Forget

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Not all Germans are bullheaded and overbearing. Not all Japanese are bucktoothed. Not all Italians pinch bottoms. But last week Adolf Hitler could well agree with the Duke of Alba, Philip of Spain and Napoleon before him that all Dutchmen are stubborn. The evidence:

>At least 80 Dutch patriots have had their heads chopped off during the past month for "communicating with the British" in a cross-Channel liaison that has increased, rather than diminished, in the two years The Netherlands have been under Nazi control.

> A smattering of Dutch "volunteers" in the German army receive parcels and letters from home with notes inside, which read: "We do not care if you are shot to pieces . . . traitors, cowards."

>Charlotte Koehler, The Netherlands' Cornelia Otis Skinner, has flaunted her way into a concentration camp by reading overtones of hatred and scorn for the Nazis into her dramatic sketches. To acknowledge applause she coyly waved a scarf (orange) at her audience.

> So astonishingly dim-witted are the 170,000 Dutch workmen drafted into German factories that Nazi officials consider them "considerably worse" than any other imported workers.

> Executed Dutch saboteurs become national heroes at home.

> A patriotic black market still operates, despite 800 arrests.

> A new law whereby a military sentence of beheading requires no civil court confirmation has not stopped anti-Axis underground propaganda.

> The Nazis are now holding hostages.*

> When bodies are hauled out of canals, passers-by never inquire about the nationality of the victim. They ask only whether he was a Nazi officer or a Nazi soldier.

> After two years of fruitless effort to convert Holland's Germanic adults to Naziism, both German and Dutch Nazis two months ago launched an energetic campaign to win Hollanders through their children, to whose natural barbarism the color and mumbo jumbo of Naziism might appeal. "Führer" Anton Adrian Mussert's Dutch imitation of Hitler's Youth Movement, Nationale Jeugdstorm, has doubled the number of its demonstrations and marches, has opened new offices all over Holland to enlist recruits. To show off the recruits, Sunday-schoolish Hoofdstormer (Youth Movement chief) van Geelkerken last week planned a mass youth rally at Roermond. Friederic Schmidt, dictator of the Adolf Hitler Youth Schools, attended. But Roermond townspeople stayed away. Shops were locked up, streets deserted, blackout curtains drawn. While some 50 corn-haired Dutch children squirmed in embarrassment, Schmidt commented ruefully: "Apparently citizens of this town do not like to see us here." Echoed Van Geelkerken, peering at the blackout curtains: "It looks as if somebody died here."

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