Music: Big Apple

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Last May Songwriters Lee David & John Redmond.'who do the scores for Harlem's Cotton Club, completed a Big Apple song for Exclusive Publications, an enterprise of energetic Irving Mills. Originally intended for the Cotton Club, the song was released when the dance became popular sold 12,500 copies. Last month Songwriters Buddy Bernier & Bob Emmerich also did a Big Apple song, which sold 12,000 copies in the first ten days after Crawford Music Corp. published it. The Bernier-Emmerich tune reached the radio first and as recorded by Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra was No. 1 last week on Victor s best-selling list. The David-Redmond song played by Hod Williams' Orchestra, was 'fourth on the Bluebird record list. Neither publisher protested the other's use of the title. Both tunes are good, and pluggers for both firms last week were making it hard for orchestra leaders to make up their minds. The David-Redmond song is the more imaginative of the two. Whereas its rival simply states, "Everybody s learning how to do The Big Apple, The Big Apple," this one contains the lines:

Praise Allah, Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle— Praise Allah, Wiggle and dance; Do that stomp with lots of pomp and sweet romance! Big Apple, Big Apple—

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