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Lucienne Boyer would be rich from her phonograph records alone. In France hers outsell all others. "Parlez-moi d'Amour" topped 350,000. Other big sellers have been "Si Petite," "Attends," "Sans Toi," "J'ai laissé mon coeur," "Désir," "Garde moi dans tes bras," "Parle moi d'autre chose, " "Moi j'crache dans I'eau," "Ballade." The songs have wide variety but Lucienne Boyer's stage costume is always the same: deep blue velvet for which she chooses blue or amber lights. They suit her reddish brown hair, large brown eyes, full red lips. Her private wardrobe is more fantastic. She has so many dresses that she need never wear the same one twice in a year. Her dresses are by Jeanne Lanvin and Rochas, her hats by Maria-Guy and Louise-Bourbon, her bags by Venry, her lingerie by Albison, her shoes by Capobianco, her jewels (mostly sapphires and rubies) by Ostertag.

*First-night prices. Lucienne Boyer will sing twice an evening in the Rockefeller Center night club, once around 8 o'clock, again at midnight. Dinner is served for $3.50 or à la carte.

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