Monstrous Order

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The kind, easygoing people of The Netherlands flamed with anger at the latest Nazi measure against Holland's Jews; an order for sterilization of Jews who marry what Adolf Hitler calls Aryans. So did their churches. Last week Roman Catholic and Protestant church leaders drew up a stern joint protest, sent it to Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Reich Commissioner for The Netherlands.

Wrote the united churchmen: "After all that has befallen the Jewish citizens of our country, there is now taking place something so monstrous that it is impossible for us to refrain from addressing you. . . ."

Noting that "a beginning has been made" in enforcing the law, the churchmen called upon the Reich Commissioner to revoke the order. Cried they: "Sterilization constituted a profanation of divine command and human right. It is the final consequence of an anti-Christian and destructive racial doctrine, the manifestation of a presumptive self-aggrandizement and a life philosophy that threatens to undermine and frustrate all truly Christian and humane existence."