Education: New Presidents

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Bennington College lost its founder and president last week. At 50, pioneering President Robert Devore Leigh resigned, he said in effect, because he had grown too old for the job. He thinks no college should be "shackled by executive leadership gradually growing stale, feeble or lacking in initiative."

To succeed Dr. Leigh, the trustees elected without ado a member of Bennington's faculty, Dr. Lewis Webster Jones, 42, economist and labor mediator. Dr. Leigh will join the staff of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, N.J.

Temple University, in Philadelphia, also picked a new president last week: 47-year-old Robert Livingston Johnson, Manhattan advertising man.

Yaleman (ex '18) Bob Johnson was the first admanager of TIME. As vice president and advertising director he had a big share in the successful development of TIME Inc. publications. Earnest, energetic, keen on public service, he was for a year (1935) relief director in Pennsylvania, has been president of the National Civil Service Reform League. Realizing his lack of experience as an educator, President Johnson stipulated that Temple's trustees should create a new job, provost, to supervise the university's educational program. As president, Johnson hopes to develop at Temple a training center for civil servants.