National Defense: More Guns

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Lean, spade-chinned Captain Johnson had good reason to look happy, and did. Rifles put together at random from the hodgepodge of Universal parts worked well, showed an accuracy worthy of precision target guns.* After putting six years of intensive effort, $140,000 of his family's and investors' money into his inventions, he had at last hit the jackpot with $4,600,000 of orders on his books. This neat backlog consisted mostly of East Indian orders for rifles, machine guns and parts for several foreign makes, plus a small but promising Latin-American army order for Johnson rifles.

— Last week, on the Rhode Island State Guard Range near Rumford, with a National Rifle Association observer looking on, a new Johnson scored eight bull's-eyes out of ten shots at rapid fire (ten rounds per 15 seconds at 600 yards).

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