People: Ladies & Ancients

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Novelist Margaret Mitchell, who put Atlanta back on the literary map, will christen the cruiser Atlanta, ∙∙Now that President Roosevelt has gone back to the old Thanksgiving, Republican Governor Sumner Sewall has proclaimed the new Thanksgiving for the first time in Maine. ∙∙ An unidentified axman vainly tried to decapitate Sabrina, the bronze nymph for whom 80 generations of Amherst classes have fought one another. ∙∙ Prophet Wilbur Glen Voliva of Zion, Ill. predicted a bad end for the dictators by plunging into a lake of fire (Revelation 21:8). ∙∙ Dr. Samuel Harden Church, 83-year-old head of the Carnegie Institute, who offered a million dollars last year for the abduction of Hitler, returned his Legion of Honor ribbon to France, explained to Marshal Henri Petain: ". . . Under your recreant Government it has lost its value." ∙∙ Eighty-four-year-old Lady Mendl (Decorator Elsie de Wolfe) had a Cellophane window put in her glove so as not to hide her diamond wrist watch.

Lacking the proper artillery, the Canadian Forestry Corps's camp in Britain packed dynamite and sand in tomato cans, gave the visiting Duke of Kent a royal 21-can salute.