World War: Mannerheim to His Men

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"Nor has our home front, where countless air raids have spread death and terror among women and children, ever wavered. Burned cities and ruined villages far behind the front, as far even as our western border, are the visible proof of the nation's sufferings during the past months.

"Our fate is hard, now that we are compelled to give up to an alien race, a race with a philosophy and moral values differ ent from ours, land which for centuries we have cultivated in sweat and labor. Yet we must put our shoulders to the wheel, in order that we may prepare on the soil left to us a haven for those rendered homeless, and an improved livelihood for all, and, as before, we must be ready to defend our diminished Fatherland with the same resolution and the same fire with which we defended our original Fatherland.

"We are proudly conscious of the historic duty, which we shall continue to fulfill: The defense of that western civilization which has been our heritage for centuries, but we also know that we have paid to the very last penny any debt we may have owed to the West.

"Mannerheim, Commander in Chief of the Finnish Army Fighting the Bolsheviks."

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