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Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and his demure little wife began touring Nazi Germany last week by meeting onetime Crown Prince Wilhelm, now an aging fop. Later in the week they were invited to lunch by one of Germany's new rulers, Air Minister and Prussian Prime Minister Hermann Wilhelm Göring, who had just returned from Reichsführer Hitler's Bavarian mountain retreat where he is only occasionally invited. The Air Minister introduced the airman to his wife, onetime Cinemactress Emmy Sonnemann, and to the latest of his series of lion cubs, each of which is returned to the zoo when it grows too big and surly. To the Lindberghs he showed his enormous collection of silverware, saying: "I have always liked silver. Now I think I have the finest collection of any private individual in the country."

Emmy Göring on the other hand says she likes "fine sewing" and "a good thick Hamburg fog." After lunch the General, arm in arm with the Colonel, led him to the basement to meet the lion cub. When Lindbergh patted the cub without flinching, he was rewarded with an invitation to go hunting with Premier Göring who is also Germany's Master of the Hunt.

When at the Olympic games opening (see p. 40) Adolf Hitler and Colonel Lindbergh were seated within a few feet of one another and the Reichsführer ignored the airman, it was clear that Hitler intended to be the first Head-of-State to omit to receive Charles Augustus Lindbergh. The next day Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh flew to Denmark.