THE CONGRESS: Bundle from Brooklyn

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Last week that inexorably active American, Martin Dies of Texas, and his House Committee on Un-American Activities resumed their studies in Washington after a two-month hiatus. Up as their first witness was big, loud German-American Bundsführer Fritz Kuhn. Mr. Dies & colleagues elicited remarkably little information on the origins, objects and technique of the Bund, let Fritz Kuhn show to better advantage than he might have expected.

The next witness got the committee off the trail of strictly un-American activity and onto Sex. Chubby, black-haired Helen Vooros, 19, of Brooklyn, N. Y., excitedly volunteered a personal history of membership in the Bund, characterized by wanton (and unsuccessful) advances upon her and others at Bund camps and during a Bund-sponsored trip to Germany. "There was all this immorality," said Helen of Brooklyn, "I couldn't get used to it. . . ." So she quit the Bund, complained unavailingly to Fritz Kuhn himself that a Bundster still pursued her. Said she, explaining the frequency of Bundling under the swastika: "That's what they call pure. When two people go together and they don't curb their natural instincts, that's pure. . . . It disgusted me."