RACES: Mound Bayou

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Pioneer Days. "The early pioneers faced many hardships. . . . Their companions were forest bears, panthers, deer, wolves, wildcats and raccoons. The hoot of the owl drifting on the nocturnal air above the drone of countless insects and the croaking of frogs made the night forbidding. . . . [One pioneer's account] : 'On one occasion I was out with some other gentlemen, John Montgomery, Morgan Thurston and Alex Wilbert in search of a hog which I owned and which was missing, when we were brought face to face with a large she bear and two small cubs.' "

New Deal Days. "Mound Bayou counts among its business, professional and industrial enterprises, two gins, three blacksmith shops, one garage, one tailor, two restaurants, five service stations, two contractors, two doctors, one dentist, one lawyer, one grist mill, one saw mill, two undertakers.† twelve groceries, and meat markets, one drugstore, one 5¢ & 10¢ store, one billiard parlor, one barber shop, one gun & locksmith and one newspaper. . . . Our municipal government is stable. Its wisdom is attested by the fact that many needed improvements have been foregone to prevent its citizens from being burdened with debts. The outstanding obligations of the municipality are less than $12,000. We have no jail because we don't need one. In the entire community dwell 8,000 Negroes and we have not had a capital crime in 13 years. . . . The citizens of Mound Bayou dwell in security. They are the heirs of freedom . . . and will forever look with disdain on acts of tyranny."

*Fifty Mound Bayouans enlisted during the War. All returned home, several severely wounded.

*Not to be confused with Hubert Fauntleroy Julian. "The Black Eagle of Harlem" who also flew in Ethiopia. "Brown Condor'' Robinson went to Ethiopia as a newshawk, became Haile Selassie's personal pilot.

†The Delta Burial Corp. advertises in the Anniversary program: "Persons from the age of 21 to 45, for the small sum of 25? per month, are eligible for the following service: Semi Half Couch Casket and Box. Embalming, Robe and Hearse Service anywhere in the State of Mississippi. . . . We are in a position to have four funerals a day, with each 200 miles apart, and have each of them at the same hour."

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