Miscellany: Jun. 14, 1937

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"TIME brings all things."


In Nairobi, Kenya Colony, Africa, British officials long mystified by the disappearance of rubber buoys anchored in Lake Victoria for mooring Imperial Airways planes, discovered that the cause was crocodiles.


In Dothan, Ala.. John Sowell, ex-Texas convict was arrested, imprisoned. The Sheriff removed two hacksaw blades from his person. Later guards found his cell empty, a note: "Dear Sheriff. You miscounted. I had ten.'


In Houston. Tex., Richard Carruthers, who says he is a former slave and 100 years old, took out a license to marry Luvena Dixon, 52.

In Rzeszów, Poland, twice-widowed Magdalena Niedzialek, 107, announced her engagement to Jan Brzezie, 78, pensioned City Hall doorman.


In Evansville, Ind. three years ago Don Hurley Cantner celebrated his first birthday by joining the Young Men's Christian Association, trying out the swimming pool. On his second birthday he joined the Baker Friendly Indian Club, receiving a coupstick signifying bravery in battle. On his third birthday he was initiated as the youngest GraY member in Evansville. This year he celebrated his fourth birthday by joining the Junior Optimist Club.


In Mattapoisett, Mass., J. L. Stowell forwarded the U. S. Treasury in Washington 1¢as his bid for the Ned's Point Lighthouse and an adjoining 4-acre tract at Mattapoisett which will be sold by the Government to the highest bidder. From the National Military Home in Dayton, Ohio, Veteran E. R. Coran promptly bid $4.98 in cash "and one-fifth of my life in service in any capacity that the Government may choose to consume it."


In Chicago, Alfa C. Day, elevator operator in the Hollander furniture warehouse, was carrying several passengers to an upper floor. Outside on Fullerton Avenue, a sewer explosion sent a manhole coyer soaring five stories in the air, arching down through the warehouse skylight, crashing into the elevator shaft, killing Alfa C. Day


Because he might wish to appear in sideshows when his baseball days are over, Joseph ("Babe") Denning, Montreal infielder, continued to practice eating light bulbs.