Milestones, Oct. 19, 1936

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Divorced, Ted Healy, 40, film comedian; by Mrs. Betty Hickman Healy, 21, with whom he eloped last May; in Los Angeles. Grounds: cruelty, his refusal "to let my mother come to my house."

Awarded. To Dr. George Morris Dorrance, famed Philadelphia facial surgeon and board chairman of Campbell Soup Co.: the Poor Richard medal of achievement; in Philadelphia.

Appointed. President Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University, Harvard Professor Clarence Henry Haring, President John Lenord Merrill of All America Cables, National Grand Councilor Francis P. Matthews of the Knights of Columbus, President Thomas John Watson of International Business Machines Corp.; by President Roosevelt; to solicit U. S. funds for a lighthouse in Santo Domingo in honor of Christopher Columbus; in Washington.

Died. Leon K. ("Kalamity") Ames, 54, oldtime pitcher for the New York Giants famed for his bad luck; after long illness; in Warren, Ohio. He once pitched nine innings with no hits, only two bases on balls, then lost the game in the 13th inning 3-to-0.

Died. William Voris Gregory, 59, since 1927 Democratic Representative from Kentucky; of a kidney ailment; in Mayfield.

Died. Count Louis Hamori ("Cheiro"), 69, celebrated oldtime palmist; after long illness; in Hollywood. Author of a book on palmistry at 13, he amassed $250,000 from rich female clients, owned an English-language newspaper in Paris, The American Register. On the night he died, said his nurse, the clock outside his room struck the hour of one thrice.

Died. Frank Presbrey, 81, longtime Manhattan adman, onetime (1894-96) publisher of The Forum under the late Walter Hines Page; of a cardiac ailment; in Greenwich, Conn. For the Hamburg-American Line in 1897 he originated the steamship pleasure cruise.

Died. Edwin Howland Blashfield, 87, dean of U. S. muralists, who at one time got $450 per square foot for his work; after a heart attack; on Cape Cod. One-time leader of a school of U. S. painting, he executed murals for the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, the Congressional Library, painted the famed World War poster "Carry On."

Died. Ahmed Tewfik Pasha, 91, Turkish statesman, last (1919-22) Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Sultanate; in Istanbul.