Miscellany, Aug. 31, 1936

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In Jacksonville, Fla., Judge I. Muncy Anderson sentenced two speeders to sit for one hour in the wreck of a car that killed four, there meditate upon the consequences of reckless driving.


In Jefferson City, Mo., tired of arresting 12-year-old Negro Jimmy Childs for bicycle-stealing, police appealed for money to buy him one, got it.


Ignorantly into Utah wandered Virgil Goodwin, campaigning for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State in Idaho. After spending half a day making speeches, passing out cards, Candidate Goodwin discovered he was in the wrong State, went back to Idaho, was defeated.


From Honolulu Acme News Pictures Inc. dispatched a photograph of a native mother and babe, captioned: "All right everybody, hold your seats. Here we go.

The above photo shows: Kananinohoa- okimhonoopiiiikainanaalohilohinokeaweaw-aulanakaokalani Judd, with his mother Mrs. Raymond Murray Judd. The baby's first name means: 'The-beautiful-aroma-of-my-home-at-sparkling-diamond-hill-is- carried-to-the-eyes-of-Heaven.' "


From India the United Press dispatched stories relating that:

¶ In Purnea, Bihar, poisonous snakes pursued three perjurers emerging from a murder trial, bit them to death.

¶Near Hyderabad, a palm tree followed Hindu prayer ritual, bowed to the ground every day at noon & sunset.