Miscellany: Bouncer

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For Manhattan's Dizzy Club, Host Lou Richman, brother of Songster Harry Richman, engaged a new bouncer. She was hulking Lois De Fee, 17, of Austin, Tex., who stood 6 ft. 2 in. barefoot, weighed 184 Ib. Proudly she exhibited a nude photograph taken when she danced in a Havana revue. Flexing her biceps, Bouncer De Fee said: "The other night a woman came in here and said she was Evelyn Nesbitt, and she said something personal, and we mixed it. You have all the trouble with the women. Isn't it funny how big women like me are always getting tangled up with little bitty men? One of my husbands was a jockey only 5 ft. tall. I've married army flyers and jockeys so far. I'm a good-time girl. Clothes, music, lights, dancing and liquor-what else is there when a girl is young?"


In San Francisco's Shamrock Club, Dancer Betty Blossom swirled onto the floor, swinging a pair of benzine torches. A drunk rose, foolishly pawed at Dancer Blossom. Up went her arm, up in flames went the flimsy papier-mache ceiling. When firemen fought their way in to smother the blaze, they found a Chinese cook, three orchestramen hidden in the icebox. Dead from flames and trampling were the hatcheck girl, a woman patron, two men. Torch-Dancer Blossom was arrested for violating San Francisco's fire laws.