Cinema: The New Pictures: Feb. 3, 1936

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He makes his entrance as a victim of amnesia, whose inability to remember his own name is only less astonishing than the fact that he is driving a big car and appears to have unlimited quantities of $100 bills, which he hides under rugs and between the slats of Venetian blinds. A faint glimmer of self-recognition flickers when a horse he is riding in the effort to find out whether or not he is a renowned polo player throws him into a pond, where he encounters the famed Penner duck. During the commencement exercises at the school which, as anticipated, take the form of routine production numbers, a detective looking for a check forger is able to terminate the amnesia victim's feeble efforts to uncover his own identity.

Best songs: You Hit the Spot, I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze, Rhythmetic.

The Widow from Monte Carlo (Warner) frames the noteworthy Aztec beauty of Dolores Del Rio in an inadequate story about an indiscreet duchess who suspects the man she loves of selling a billet-doux which has really been stolen from him. A sorry little romantic comedy in which Warren William, Colin Clive, Warren Hymer, Herbert Mundin and Louise Fazenda are also miscast, it is not improved by badinage like the following, between Mundin and Fazenda: "Having a nice time, Ducky?" "Don't call me Ducky!'' "All right, Ducky."

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