Cinema: Recordings

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¶ In Los Angeles, Cinemactress Katharine Hepburn and Princess Natalie Paley worked on a scene for Sylvia Scarlett in which Miss Hepburn was required to save the Princess from a raging sea. Cinemactress Hepburn rescued Princess Paley according to the script but not until she had been so severely buffeted about by waves that she herself had to be given emergency treatment by coworkers. Shrewd RKO cameramen quickly photographed the scene. RKO publicists were pleased when news agencies gave out photographs of fat Director George Cukor bringing Miss Hepburn a tumbler of whiskey (see cut).

¶ In Hollywood, finishing her picture Klondike Lou, Cinemactress Mae West was considering a ten-week vaudeville tour at $15,000 a week.

¶ In New York, Al Lichtman, onetime president of United Artists, joined Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as special sales adviser. President of United Artists last week was still Mary Pickford, who moved in when Al Lichtman moved out.