LABOR: Resolved and Departed

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The American Federation of Labor closed its 43rd annual convention at Portland, Ore., by unanimously re-electing Samuel Gompers as its President. All the other officers were reelected, and El Paso was chosen as the seat of the A. F. L. convention in 1924.

Large numbers of resolutions were acted on in the closing days of the convention. Some of the more important ones passed:

¶ A denunciation of the I. W. W.

¶ For continuation of Federation's National Non-Partisan Political Campaign Committee.

¶ I For modification of the Volstead Act to permit the sale of light wines and beers.

A condemnation of the Ku Klux Klan and the Fascisti.

¶ For the organization of editorial workers on daily and weekly newspapers.

¶ Commendation of General Frank T. Hines for his conduct of the Veterans' Bureau (General Hines addressed the convention urging full privileges for ex-service men in the unions).

¶ A denunciation of ship subsidies.

¶ A declaration in favor of a soldier bonus.

¶ Against the Sherman Anti-Trust Law as applied to labor unions.

¶ For restriction of immigration and continued exclusion of Orientals.


¶ For a Labor Party.

¶ For " one big union."

¶ For recognition of Soviet Russia,

¶ For celebration of May 1 as Labor Day.