Foreign News: Boycotters

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Icily correct, despite the misgivings with which she views Adolf Hitler, Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands canceled by royal decree last week a boycott of German goods lately proclaimed by the municipality of Zaandam, historic wooden ship-building town of The Netherlands.

"Her Majesty's Government," announced Premier Dr. Hendrik Colijn, "cannot permit any Dutch municipality to adopt an attitude hostile to a nation with which the relations of Her Majesty's Government are friendly."

Meanwhile in Manhattan able No. 1 Boycotter Samuel Untermyer showed to

200 guests of his Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights* examples of Nazi tricks to evade the boycott. On a glove wrathfully displayed by Lawyer Untermyer the words "Made in Germany" appear only on the inner surface of one finger tip. Holding up a doll, Boycotter Untermyer cried : "You have to undress this lady to determine the country of her origin. That is not very nice. The stamp 'Made in Germany' is under her dress. Such tactics are smuggling!" To put the anti-Nazi efforts further on a non-sectarian plane, Gentile James G. McDonald, the League of Nations' recently appointed High Commissioner for German Refugees, exhorted U. S. citizens last week as follows: "The crime against the Jews [in Germany] is committed in the name of Christianity. The non-Jewish people of America have a real responsibility to show the world that they are not parties to such persecution. They can show that by their help and aid when it is asked in the next few weeks or next few months. Non-Jews have a responsibility in this matter that they cannot shirk without betraying the very principles of the ethics and religion of which they boast."

*Formerly the American League for the Defense of Jewish Rights.