Cinema: In Wonderland

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Among the qualities that make Alice unique as a personage in fiction is the bland and dreamy indifference with which she comports herself in extraordinary circumstances. Though her small histrionic training has helped, what makes Charlotte Henry's performance as Alice satisfactory is the fact that she possesses much the same quality in everyday life. When she arrived in Hollywood three years ago, she was disappointed. The sea was 27 miles away. Streets which she had expected to see thronged with celebrities resembled the streets of any other city. As she prepared to leave for Atlanta, Charlotte Henry had small time in Manhattan last week to wonder whether the glum prophecy of the White Queen would presently come true. Whether, as she herself hopes, she will presently become a cinemactress celebrated in her own right or whether her career will parallel that of Betty Bronson, who five years ago made a success as Peter Pan and now thankfully plays bit parts, will depend less on Alice than on Charlotte Henry's subsequent performances. Her next, as planned at present, will be Lovey Mary in Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.

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