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The tabloid New York Daily News last month suddenly became conservative. Keyhole-peeping gossip of marital infelicity and philandering was ruled out. Divorce stories, when subjects of court record, were ordered reported without frills. No reason for the change was announced, but Newshawks heard that Publisher Joseph Medill Patterson made the decision, after witnessing the film of Five Star Final, in the belief that neighborhood movie-goers would accept the atrocities committed by the tabloid in the play as typical tabloid practice. Last week the News took another step away from ordinary tabloid practice. Apparently as an experiment, it copied the style of TIME'S picture captions on three of its pages. Samples:

Admiral Hugh Rodman

. . . says Hoover's Navy policy is O. K.

Francis Riley

. . . saved his sister from closet prison.

Rudy Vallee

. . . "young couples dance close, married couples carelessly."

ΒΆ The Kansas Supreme Court upheld the acquittal of a Herington, Kan. newsdealer of charges that he had violated the State's "blue laws" against unessential labor on Sunday. His "offense": selling the Sunday edition of the Kansas City Star. Opined the court: "From the small boy, whose first thought on arising Sunday morning is the comic section, to the son grown older who turns eagerly to the sport page; the young daughter, who peruses the society columns, and father and mother, who turn their attention to the more serious pages, the Sunday paper is looked upon and has grown to be a necessity."

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