Milestones, Feb. 16, 1931

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Born. To Count & Countess Folke Bernadotte (Estelle Manville, daughter of Board Chairman Hiram Edward Manville of Johns-Manville Corp.); a son; in Pleasantville. N. Y. Name: Count Folke of Wisborg. Their first son, Count Gustav Edward, was born in January 1930.

Born. To Mrs. Olive Catherine Wise, British mother of four who was sentenced to be hanged last month for murdering her fourth child (sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by Home Secretary John Robert Clynes) (TIME, Feb. 2); twins; in Holloway Prison Hospital, London.

Engaged. Philip Young, second son of Board Chairman Owen D. Young of General Electric Co., student at St. Lawrence University at Canton, N. Y. (whence his father was graduated); and his friend since childhood, Faith Adams of Washington and Dallas, Tex.

Married. Roger Wolfe Kahn, 23, orchestra leader, aviator, son of Banker Otto Hermann Kahn; and Hannah Williams, 20, musicomedienne (Sweet & Low); last month; in Huntington, L. I.

Married. Otelie E. ("Tilly") Losch, 27, Viennese danseuse (Wake Up and Dream); and Edward Francis Willis James, 23, British "retired diplomat," brother-in-law of Marshall Field III, cousin of Board Chairman Arthur Curtiss James of Western Pacific Railroad Co.; in Manhattan.

Married. Amelia Earhart, 32, transatlantic flyer, vice president of New York, Philadelphia & Washington Airway Corp. (Ludington Line); and George Palmer Putnam, 43. vice president of Brewer & Warren, Manhattan publishers; in Noank, Conn., where last November they obtained a marriage license and amid mystery & confusion did not marry (TIME, Nov. 17). A stanch Lucy Stoner, Flyer Earhart will keep her own name, her job.

Married— Barbara Vandenberg, daughter of Senator Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg of Michigan; and one John Knight of Grand Rapids, Mich.; in Washington, D. C.

Married. Pierre Lorillard, Manhattan and Tuxedo, N. Y. socialite, son of the late Pierre Lorillard who founded Lorillard Co. (tobacco) and Tuxedo Park; and Mrs. Ruth Hill Beard, relict of the late Anson McCook Beard, daughter of the late great James Jerome Hill who founded the Great Northern Railroad; in Manhattan.

Married. Mrs. Agnes Lee Hadley, relict of the late Herbert Spencer Hadley, onetime (1909-13) Governor of Missouri who died in 1927; and Henry Joseph Haskell, editor of the Kansas City Star (his first wife, Isabel Cummings, died in 1923; his second wife, Katherine Wright, sister of Air Pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright, died in 1929); in Manhattan.

Divorced. Cyrus McCormick III, vice president of International Harvester Co. ; by Mrs. Dorothy Linn McCormick, stock company actress under the names of Doro thy Willard and Mary Butler; in Chicago. Ill. Charge: cruelty. Alimony asked:

Elected. George Kenan Morrow; to be chairman of Ward Baking Corp.; Frederick Kenan Morrow; to be its president.

Elected. Edward M. Davis, founder & president of Philadelphia Storage Battery Co. (Philco radios); to be its chairman. Vice President and General Manager James M. Skinner succeeded him.

Died. Marlin Edgar Olmsted, 34, polo player, stepson of Publisher Vance Criswell McCormick who was chairman of the Democratic National Campaign Committee in 1916; of heart disease; in Del Monte, Calif.

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