PROHIBITION: Mrs. Doran's Drinks

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Prime enforcer of Prohibition is Commissioner James M. Doran. Proudly his wife tells friends that she "brings up the reinforcements." Last week she marshaled a platoon of reinforcements in the form of recipes for nonalcoholic cocktails. She had prepared a Book of Juices to meet the onslaught of the "winter social season just ahead." She announced a few of her recipes in advance. Explained Mrs. Doran: "Prohibition took something away from the American people, but we can give them something just as good—a cocktail that satisfies but does not inebriate. . . . Mince pie is delicious without brandy—if made properly." One of her concoctions she served recently to a group of W. C. T. U. members, who smackingly pronounced it "very tasty." Soon scores of thirsty but temperate Drys demanded her recipe. She gave it: "Take a pound of seedless grapes chopped very fine and a quart of grape juice. Stir thoroughly and serve very cold." Other Doran recipes: Lime Fizz—"Make an orange syrup by boiling together for five minutes one half cupful each of water, sugar and thin shavings from the rind of one orange. Cool and strain. Add the juice of four limes or one-fourth cupful of bottled lime juice. Dilute with one pint of iced plain or charged water." Mint Julep—"Five lemons, one bunch fresh mint, one and one-half cups of sugar, one-half cup water, three bottles of ginger ale. Combine ingredients except ginger ale and let stand one half hour: add ginger ale and pour over ice; serve in small glasses."