Milestones: Nov. 14, 1927

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Engaged. Colonel Carlos Ibanez, President Dictator of Chile, to Senorita Graciela Letelier; in Santiago.

Engaged. Katherine Sedgwick Colby, daughter of Bainbridge Colby, Secretary of State under President Wilson, and Authoress Nathalie Sedgwick Colby (Green Forest, 1927); to one Frederick Prime Delafield of Manhattan.

Divorced. Mrs. Marilynn Miller Pickford, 29, famed musical comedy actress, from Jack Pickford, 31, cinemactor and brother of Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks; in Versailles. She charged desertion, incompatibility. Her first husband was Actor Frank Carter who died in 1920 in an automobile accident. Said she last June: "Paris divorces are easy to get!" French legal circles were vexed, the Pickford divorce suit was deferred to October.

Divorced. Feodor Chaliapin, famed basso; from Yolle Ignatievna Chaliapin whom he married 29 years ago and from whom he has been separated 21 years; in Moscow. Until death, he will pay her $300 monthly. Said a Soviet critic: "It is enough money to maintain an entire Russian orphan asylum."

Died. Prince George Wilhelm zu Schoenaich-Carolath, 18, stepson of the onetime Kaiser Wilhelm II and second son of Princess Hermine of Reuss, onetime wife of Prince Johann George von Schoenaich-Carolath; at Grunberg, Silesia; after a motorcycle accident. He underwent an unsuccessful operation upon his skull.

Died. Wilson D. Kenzie, 83, who on April 14, 1865, aged 21, saw President Abraham Lincoln assassinated, who later with a party of soldiers went in hot pursuit of Assassin John Wilkes Booth; at Baltimore.

Died. Florence Mills Thompson, 32, famed Negro comedienne, wife of U. S. Thompson; in Manhattan; a week after operation for appendicitis. Aged 3, she danced before the public on Harlem sidewalks accompanied by the raucous tunes of a hurdy-gurdy. Later (in 1922) she was featured in the first all-Negro musical comedy, Shuffle Along. Her last triumph was Florence Mills & Her Blackbirds (London, 1927). Said she before death: "I've not begun to be what I was meant to be." At the largest funeral ever known to Harlem, she lay in a $10,000 copper coffin. Six hundred chorus voices sang Negro spirituals to the accompaniment of 200 musicians.

Died. Pauline Welch, 34, onetime (1912-17) wife of Harry Conway (Bud) Fisher, famed cartoonist ("Mutt & Jeff"); in Baltimore; of pneumonia.

Died. Valli Valli (real name Kunst), 45, musical comedy comedienne, wife of Producer Louis Dreyfus; in Hampstead, England, after a long illness. Her last appearance in the U. S. was in "Miss Millions" (1919).

Died. Merceline Orbes, famed clown; in Manhattan; a suicide (see page 39).

Died. Allie B. Clippert, 67, mother-in-law of famed onetime (1901-27) Judge Benjamin Barr Lindsey (Juvenile Court of Denver); in Detroit.