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He neglects to state that two innocent Mexicans were shot in front of a bank in Midland, Tex., for the sake of rewards—a fact which caused the distant New York World to cry: "[This shows] how vicious it is to meddle with the principles and processes of the law." Houston Gargoyle. The Texan younger generation, by no means entirely given to bank robbing, is reading with gusto a weekly, entitled the Houston Gargoyle, which appeared in January. A sample of its humor may be found on a page headed, "I Hereby Resolve": "Al Smith—'That I will join the Ku Klux Klan and invite Bill McAdoo to have a cup of tea.' "McAdoo—'That I will accept Al's invitation and surprise him by bringing a wee drappie on the hip.' "

*An exaggeration.

†Texas had four presidents: David G. Burnet (1836), Sam Houston (1836-38), Mirabeau B.

Lamar (1838-41), Sam Houston (1841-44), Anson Jones (1844-46).

*Mrs. Miriam Amanda Ferguson, governess of Texas (1925-27).

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