NETHERLANDS: Little Empire

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Politically the Dutch East Indies resemble India in being divided into directly governed regions and subject-native states. Instead of a Viceroy there is a Governor General, now Dr. De Graeff.

Exports from the Dutch East Indies, upon last reports, topped one billion and a half gulden ($600,000,000), with imports at over half a billion. To the credit of the Netherlands, all nations participate in this trade without tariff preferences of any kind.

Marvels. The ancient Hindu civilization which gave way to Islam in the 15th Century left behind it a wealth of temples and antiquities scarcely inferior in interest to any similar remains whatever. Though the great Boro-Budur in central Java is inferior to the Pyramid of Cheops in size it is an architectural chef-d'oeuvre no less prodigious. Pyramidal in shape, it rises tier on tier, each tier a gallery ornamented with sculpture and symbolic devices in unparalleled profusion. The pilgrim, ascending by these galleries, traverses a distance of three miles past carvings which constitute a pictorial Bible of the late or "Mahayana" creed. The intent is that the pious shall climb from temporal vulgarities—depicted with unblushing naturalism in the lower galleries—to ever higher religious concepts which are exampled by a symbolism progressively refined, as the worshiper toils upward. When the supreme dagoba is reached and entered a crude and only half-hewn statue of the Buddha greets the eye amid carvings of supreme delicacy. Thus is symbolized the axiom that the Buddha is of a perfection impossible for mortals to realize or portray.

— Population of the U. S. and all its territories and possessions: 117,823,165. Population of the Netherlands and its col- onies and possessions: 56,399,932.

*It is now often said that should the Savior appear before an average U. S. police judge and profess the doctrines attributed to him in the Bible he would be clapped into jail as a "Communist."

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